Wednesday, December 21, 2005

school and ski tracks

So last night we had parent-teacher interview with big sis' teacher. The latter wanted the child present which was a first and it actually went really well. She pretty much described her as we know her: lots of potential, eager to learn, happy, helpful, but lacks attention to detail and focus and loves to talk in class :) She had a pretty good report card and has shown herself capable a lot more this year to take control of her work with much less help and supervision from us. We are, obviously, very proud of her.

Now being in 6th grade, its the big move next year to high school. Years past we had toyed with the idea of sending her to a private school once she reached high school but kind of discarded that idea as she's with a really good group of girls in her grade. So we assumed she would go to the local high school. But she blew us away during this interview by telling us all, in a very mature way, that she's been thinking about it and the only real reason she was going to the local high school was to be with her friends and that maybe it wasn't necessarily the best for her in the long run. So she's considering another high school, much further away. As it turns out, many high schools have "specialized" programs so the one she's considering is more geared to the arts, whereas others will be stronger for sports, etc. All the while I'm thinking "isn't it too early to already think about what she'll be doing later on in life?" Seems like just yesterday we were working on her ABC's!

Guess we have some work cut out for us in the new year as we'll be choosing which high school big sis will go to as well as which elementary school the twins will go to. And these decisions can be so agonizing for parents, trying to figure out what's best for everyone. So many parents I know fret so much about this, I know I'm not alone, but knowing me I know I'll be analyzing every option and making lists of pros and cons.

So its like the kids'cross-country ski tracks around our place: which way will they go?

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BeachMama said...

Glad to hear big sis is doing great at school, but how surprising that she would be brave enough to steer away from her friends. That is a huge step and a big decision for her. Hopefully she will make the right one for her.

Love the ski tracks in the snow, so peaceful.