Friday, December 30, 2005

lazy days of christmas

After the frantic pace of the last few weeks, the lazy days of Christmas came as a well deserved respite. Christmas Eve and Christmas day were strictly stay at home days. Before kids, we would rush back to our hometown and go from family to family. Since then, I LOVE to stay home with OUR little family and work on OUR own traditions and spend time with each other. I like to cook the turkey and all the trimmings on Christmas Eve, listening to all our Xmas CDs, feasting mid-afternoon, playing board games, getting things set up for Santa Claus. This year included the addition of stockings as per the demand of the kids, not a tradition hubby nor I had growing up. On Xmas day, we laze about in our jammies, eat leftovers, slowly open gifts and enjoy them and each other all day long.

On the 26th we packed ourselves up and went to our hometown for another 3 lazy days at the inlaws. Its a small family and there's not much to do there but eat, open gifts, read, play with the kids. Kind of a mini-holiday for me as there's no laundry, cleaning, cooking for a few days.

One of the best part was coming back in time for me to attend a get-together with some very special friends, a group of moms close to my heart. A little wine and lots of chatting reenergized my batteries!

Today, we had some great neighbours over for breakfast as they are leaving for a work contract up north for 6 months. The kids played amazingly well together leaving us lots of time to chat and for once, with no time constraints.

Another week of this lazy life, no routines, no rushing around, time to talk to each other and plan things for the year to come.

Love these lazy days of Christmas.

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BeachMama said...

Hmmm... those lazy days are great. I really enjoyed getting together with a few friends too ;) !!!

Enjoy the next week,