Saturday, December 17, 2005

christmas cards

I have a special book I take out every Xmas...its my Xmas card list. I've had it since our first year together as a married couple, 20 years next year, yikes!

The list has grown over the years, some names have come and gone. It always saddens me to remove a name but after a couple of years of sending a card and not getting a response, one gets discouraged. And aren't they just the people who decide all of a sudden to send you one when you haven't sent them one?

As much work as it is, its a holiday ritual I look forward to. When I finally sit down to write them, I put on some Xmas music to set the mood, have a warm cup of tea close by and I sit down with my list and address book and I start thinking. Its an introspection on the people that are important in my life and sending them a card is a way of saying I'm thinking of you and I'm thankful to know you. There are people I have sent cards to for years yet haven't seen them forever or even talked to it seems. Yet we are still in each other's thoughts and thinking of those people brings me to a warm fuzzy place. Like my high school friend who has 3 teenagers and I've seen once in the last 20 years. Or this lady from my university years I worked with and haven't seen since. Or some relatives in Europe. Then there are the people we see everyday, neighbors, parents of kids' friends and such.

Plus it's so much fun to get these cards in the mail as opposed to the usual boring array of flyers and bills. A decade ago I thought I was so innovative sending a picture card and now nearly everyone seems to do it. But they are so fun. One gets to see how the kids have changed.

Even though everything is e-mailed and such, I'm glad to see that the old fashioned post office is still used at this time of year. A lovely tradition to keep.

And as for "politically correct" well, I'm a Christian so everyone gets wished a Merry Christmas and happy Holidays, the receiver can do what they want with that. Off to admire my Christams tree, NOT my holiday tree

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