Tuesday, August 28, 2007

this morning

everyone left me

by bus

by motorcycle

and all I have left with me

are knots in my stomach

hope you are having a great first day back at school...

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nancy said...

I do believe that I may actually be speechless.


BeachMama said...

How did your day go? I don't know what I would do with a day like that one, going from feast to famine.

BeachMama said...

... but I do love Hubby's smile, how I miss my bike.

snackmommy said...

Can I skip right past the cute kids and beautiful property and go straight to the hot hubby? Thou art a lucky lady.

Silver Creek Mom said...

hey! your a Hot Hog Momma! With a Hot Hog Hubby!

I missed Nathan getting on the bus this a.m. trying to get Miranda out the door too. SIGH. BUT I got pictures at school they will come.

I hope you knots left and a calming peace settled in. You've done good. They were ready!