Monday, August 13, 2007

soccer family

Soccer season is approaching the end. At 3 nights a week, we've spent our fair share of time in local parks. Its been a great season, all 3 kids improving tremendously in their skills. A few more games and year-end tournaments are all that's left.

As one proud mom who kept track of three sets of schedules and fields, performing taxi services, coordinating snack duties, e-mailing parents to keep them abreast of team details, who sat by the sidelines watching and cheering week after week, making sure everyone had clean uniforms and kept hydrated, I will now bestow some well deserved awards:

Most Valuable Player: big sis! who is always there to encourage her teammates and keep up the team spirit and fill in whatever position she's needed in

Most Improved Player: baby girl! who did a complete 100% reversal from her attitude last year when she never spoke to any of her teammates or coaches, who never once touched the ball during play and who is now "right in there" taking the ball down the field, chatting up a storm with everyone and having pure fun

Best Athlete of the Year: baby boy! he lives for this sport, he can visualize plays that his teammates just don't, he plays intensely and passionately, he practices all the time, he encourages his teammates from the sidelines, he has tremendous abilities in form and function and power and the cutest thing ever is his fist pumping after scoring, a true natural

Best Coach of the Year: hubby! who will come home after a hard day at work, put back his supper in 10 minutes flat and head out. He has coached big sis for the past 5 years, parents always telling me on the sidelines how much they appreciate his devotion and expertise and who this year pitched in with both baby boy and baby girl's teams when needed.

Best Moment of the Year: last Friday night is twin's night as usual with hubby at one park with one of them and me at another park with the other. Their respective teams are loosing 1-0. But the scores then get equalized when baby boy and baby girl both score for their teams at the same time at different fields!! (we know this as we called each other on our cells). That was beyond cool :)


BeachMama said...

I love it!! You summed up soccer for the summer very well. And I love that the twins were so in sync with each other and scoring at the same time. I think you should get an award in there too with all your coordinating and playing taxi, "Soccer Mom of the Year?"

snackmommy said...

You bring the term soccer mom to a whole new level! I agree with Beachmama that you need to ensure you bestow an award on yourself. Well done mom!

Silver Creek Mom said...

LOL! awesome. Boy those two are connected. And Kudos to all for improving. Nathan complains about the swimming lessons we have him in but when I said tonight was the last one he goes WHY I like swimming lessons... OH BOY!