Wednesday, August 15, 2007


When I fell in love with hubby, oh so many years ago, his ethnicity wasn't much of an issue with either of us. But with the appearance of kids, we became more keen in sharing our respective heritages with them. Hence why they attend French school and Greek school too on Saturday mornings. Starting last year, I enrolled all 3 of them in Greek dancing as well. Big sis has done amazingly well and has performed several times at several events. Now that our community's annual greekfest is underway, my kids are performing a total of 6 times all together. Big sis is also volunteering for the first time at the kids tent doing face painting mostly. Needless to say, we are spending a lot of time there! And after the dancing is done, we get to eat some scrumptious authentic Greek food. And I have to admit, my favorite is having a "frappé" (cold whipped coffee) and some "loukoumades" (fried balls of dough sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with honey.



BeachMama said...

OH YUMMY! I wondered if the kids would be performing. I was looking for them on the news opening night when they had some kids doing their dances during the weather report. I couldn't see them though. I hope you are loving the festival!

Loukia said...

Oh too bad we did not see you at Greekfest! We've been there 3 times already. Christos is having a good time, but the first night we went he wasn't loving it too much. Hopefully we'll see you around there sometime this weekend. My sister is selling her paintings in the Arts Court - she has my mother's talent, I don't. She paints abstracts and children's paintings, like princess dresses, and boats, etc... you should check it out if you go back to Greekfest! I can't resist the food... ;)

Silver Creek Mom said...

I drove by there the other night after the fashion show, and I was saying that if I was going to go I would you and your family to be my tour guide the the GreekFest. LOL!