Friday, May 25, 2007

nighttime ritual

As parents, one of our biggest challenges with little ones, is getting a good nighttime routine going that works effortlessly for everyone. When big sis was little, we had a hard time getting her to settle. Was a combination of traumatizing months of intense colic and new parents who didn't really know what to do. I remember lying on the floor next to her bed waiting for her to fall asleep...and me waking up a few hours later, stiff and still dressed. We eventually figured out, pure trial and error, that she would easily fall asleep on her own only IF music was playing in her room. To this day, she is still like that. I'll go check on her in the evening and she's sound asleep with Evanescence or Maroon 5 or whatever she's into lately blaring in her room.

With the twins, things were easier. A combination of more experience under our belt and the fact that they were together in the same room. I don't exactly know when this particular ritual started or how but it works, so we've just kept doing it. And will for as long as I can because it is just too precious.

Every night, I have to tuck them in, make sure that they have some water on their nightstand and say/do the following in this particular order, no deviations allowed:

"bonne nuit"
"buenas noches"
"hasta manana"
"i love you"
"big hug"
big hug

I walk towards the door, turn off the lights and say as I close the door "see you tomorrow"

and that's that :)


BeachMama said...

We have a similar type thing. After our prayers we do the 'I love you's', kisses, nose kisses, and another 'I love you' as I close the door. Somehow this works really well for both of us. When you do it differently he gets pretty upset.

kate5kiwis said...

love those bedtime routines.... ours keep evolving as the kiddos get older... different people like different things these days... my fave is when the big kida put *me* to bed.. they come and snuggle in for a mo and we talk about life, the universe, and everything.

nancy said...

You got spammed!!

Great routine, I love ours too (when it works). When they were still in their cribs, the last thing they would say was "Bye, Yayoo, Nye-Nye" and now we still say it as the very last night "Bye, Love you, Nite nite" but I personally prefer the original version :)

Silver Creek Mom said...

I'm still working aon bedtime routinw with Nathan and over thesummer we are teaching him to fall asleep without Mommy. He does it fine for sitters, but me is another story.

But we're winning.