Sunday, May 06, 2007

cornucopia of thoughts

Sunday morning, we're still all in our jammies the kids are watching cartoons, hubby is off golfing (yep, another season of being a golf widow has started), a few minutes to myself and maybe I can jot down this myriad of thoughts I've been wanting to blog about. So here goes, in no particular order.

The Senators won last night, yoo hoo! The excitement in this city is just rising. Same in our household as evidenced by hubby's new purchase...

Bought the kids a fancy ass basketball net. Took a few hours to put together (arghh) but oh so worth it. Loads of fun for us all. Next, we are getting a trampoline from Costco have a spot set aside for it. It'll be their end of school year present and should ensure hours of enjoyment over the summer months. Doesn't seem like we're going anywhere this summer, so convinced hubby to use this as an alternative. And we are working on getting the twins to ride their bikes on two wheels only. Will keep ya posted!

Soccer season is just around the corner. Hubby is the head coach of big sis team and has already been busy with several meetings and coaching clinics. Baby boy just can't wait to get started, he wears either his soccer uniform or Sens jersey DAILY and is hooked to the sports net channel. Too funny. So apart form soccer and all the activities around the house, am also working on other activities for the kids for the upcoming summer. Am keeping the twins in their gymnastics and they are actually "graduating" from recreational to pre-competitive level. Big sis wants to pursue some horseback riding as in the past and am encouraging her to register for her Bronze Star in swimming. AND, hubby has finally agreed to let her go to a sleepover camp. She's been to this same one with school last fall and will be going with a friend of hers whom we really like. I think it'll be an awesome experience for her, 6 days and 5 nights in the outdoors, canoing, pitching a tent, rock climbing and such and NO screens of any type and NO mom to pick up after her.

Have been involved with several of big sis school projects lately. We are deep in the story of Tecumseh and the War of 1812 and the life cycle of butterflies. She has to hand in a written report and do a class presentation. And boy have times changed. Whereas I had a manual Smith Corona with the "a" not really working and having to use white-out for typing errors and leafing endlessly through the dictionary, we are now in the world of computer and word processors and spell checks and googling for texts and images and automatically translating some texts. And her presentation? All in PowerPoint. Had to buy her the software along with a 2GB USB Flash Drive last week as all the other kids seem to have it. And this is only 7th grade. I shudder to think what's up at the university level now.

Went to an open house at one of the twin's potential schools for next fall last week. As I walked around and saw all the projects displayed, it dawned on me how I'm still in a honeymoon type of phase with them. The visualization of endless hours pouring over homework and school projects with 3 kids hit me hard. As well as the anxious feeling of still not knowing a 100% where to send them next year. I'll just keep agonizing :(

My mom, who is 83, has been under the weather lately. Nothing specific, just an amalgamation of many little symptoms. She's loosing her general will to live it seems. I don't deal well with that. I try to get the kids to cheer her up with little drawings and phone calls. Being an only child, the weight of my parental responsibility is getting heavier. As compassionate as I am in my nature, I don't deal well with old age for some reason. I worry endlessly of loosing one parent and seeing the other one alone as they are together ALL the time and have a very small circle of friends and NO relatives. Ah well, one day at a time. Springtime will cheer her up some I'm sure.

As for me, I'm still going to the gym at least twice a week and walking or biking when I can. I'm definitely stronger and can feel that my endurance has increased as well as my energy levels and am sleeping much better. However, I have to admit being discouraged with how slowly my body is changing its shape. I just can't seem to get rid of my midriff bulge and its driving me nuts. The trainer is not motivating me much lately either. I really have to concentrate on my diet as its obviously the major culprit. I'm going to have to be more radical in my choices, not an easy feat and my will power wavers like the wind.


Silver Creek Mom said...

Wow that is alot of thoughts.

Just as you start with 3 in projects I start with one driving and getting into univsersity type things. BOy do things change fast.

My man does not golf...Thank God the way he is working these days I'd never see him.
I hear ya SISTER about that damn old muffin belly. I abosultely HATE IT. I can deal with the rest if I only didn't bluge out over my freakin' jeans.

Hugs We need a coffee date. How about tomorrow I'm coming up anyways.

Lainey-Paney said...

Hang in there on the weight loss WILL change! Dont give up. Be patient, and you will see a difference!


Nice to have you back!

BeachMama said...

SCM said it well, oh so many thoughts. It's funny, so far for me, I am doing ok with J starting school in the fall. I thought I would be a disaster, but I think Duffer Doo really go me over that. And I know how much he wants to go. The homework and such, I am not so excited about but I guess we don't have a choice.

I think you and I are very similar in regards to dealing with illness and death. I love life so much I don't do well when things happen.

I understand your discouragement with the muffin top. I was having that same predicament last fall. I only hope that I can get it all back together this fall. I do know that food choices will make a huge difference, I am going to have to institute some radical changes around here.

Maybe we could all get together soon.