Friday, September 28, 2007

Terry Fox day

Today is the Terry Fox National School Run Day. All 3 of my kids are involved and I will be joining them later on today for a walk. Such a worthy cause raising funds for cancer research. Years ago, in a previous life it seems, I was part of such a research team, studying the fundamentals of cancer onset at the DNA level. It was such an intellectually stimulating and challenging period of my life, working side by side with some great minds and fun-loving people.

Thankfully up until now, cancer hasn't permeated our extended family. I pray it will remain that way.

As for Terry Fox, what a hero, in the true sense of the term. The Marathon of Hope, 1980. I so vividly remember following his day to day progress while preparing to enter my first year of university starting an undergraduate program in microbiology and immunology eventually leading me towards the aforementioned cancer research. Terry's spirit may have very well, in some small way, led me there.

But what is truly amazing, is how his dream is still living and strongly at that.


valerie said...

Ah, this explains what appeared to be an entire school of kids walking past my house this morning.

Kudos to you doing it with your kids - very cool mom.

BeachMama said...

I watched a few specials with regards to the run. It is truly amazing how Terry not only touched the hearts of Canadians, but of many people world wide. His run is huge all over the world. His run and research have cured so many people, he was truly amazing.