Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a multitude of firsts

When kids are little, there are so many firsts to record: first time smiling, first time laughing, first time eating peaches, first time crawling, etc, etc. Those early firsts come in fast and furious. And then they tend to slow down but every once in a while, there's a few more.

That has been the case around here.

The minute hubby started his holidays, he declared: "that's it, the twins are going to learn to ride their bikes with two wheels only!" So off came the training wheels and on came the full face mask and elbow pads and knee pads and wrist protectors. And after quite a few sessions and a major case of sore backs, they finally got it!! It seemed so symbolic to me, letting go of that seat, seeing them pedal on their own. And the pride! Ah, the pride on their faces, priceless. We still have to work on getting them to take off on their own but they now know how to stop properly. The full face mask replaced by a bike helmet, but I think I'll keep the other paraphernalia on for a little while longer. If anything, for mom's peace of mind ;)

As for big sis, she just came back from her first week away at a canoe-camping camp. A big step for her, and a big step for her dad! I was willing to let her go a few years back but hubby refused. This year he finally agreed.

And what an awesome experience for her. A week with no TV, no computer, no watches, no indoor plumbing, no nagging mom;) They canoed for 3 hours a day, moving from island to island and setting up camp and hiking and rock climbing. She did bring her camera and couldn't wait to show us all the amazing photos she took. She had to eat whatever was given to her, even if she didn't like it cause that's all they had. They sang songs, they enjoyed the nature surrounding them, they developed friendships. Every day since she comes up with anecdotes of thing that happened at camp. It was a major boost for her self-esteem and she came back a much better person. More patient with her siblings, more helpful around the house, hope it keeps up!

The camp monitors gave her a glowing report, her bottom line being: "mature, reflective, thoughtful of others and with a lively spirit" Of course, she can't wait to go back next year and even set her goals on becoming a camp counselor when she's old enough!

Here's a few of her shots in no particular order:


kate5kiwis said...

ohgosh, i love that photo of the *hand star* the camp-kids made together.
what a wonderful experience Older Sister would've had.
milestones are great, but i am totally with you on the feeling of letting go of that seat, seeing them pedal on their own.... X

BeachMama said...

What a wonderful experience for the kids. I remember well learning how to ride my two wheeler with Dad letting go of my bike.

And although I never went to sleepaway camp, I always wished I had. Glad Big Sis got the experience and loved it so much.

DaniGirl said...

Ah, this post warmed my heart. I was just thinking recently about how the "firsts" don't come so quickly anymore, but do seem to fall in groups.

Yay for the twins getting up on two wheels! And those pix of Big Sis's canoe trip - wow! I read your description, about how she came home refreshed and a new person, and now I think *I* have to go for a week of canoe camping!!

nancy said...

What a terrific experience, for all of you. I can only wish my kids can do that one day.

Silver Creek Mom said...

How awesome. The whole blog gave me a warm glow.

Firsts. Yeah we're in a lot of firsts this time. I hope Nathan learns to ride a two wheeler. Miranda is now driving and I HOPE getting a job just to keep her busy.

And in a few short day A first for me. Leaving the kids here at home while Jack and I go on a trip. I think it's gonna be harder on me than the kids.