Monday, July 02, 2007

the canada day week-end

Canada day week-end 22 years ago: hubby popped a ring and THE question at a camping trip near Lake Placid, in a tent while it was pouring rain outside ;)

Canada day week-end 21 years ago: our very own big fat Greek wedding followed by 2 weeks in Barbados. Last year we celebrated our 20th with a las Vegas trip. Did we do anything special to celebrate this year? Not really, we just felt like staying home with the kids. No cards, no presents and that's OK. I guess after so many years we are confident in our love towards each other.

Canada Day week-end 12 years ago: we baptized our first born and had a huge pool party/catered BBQ here at home to celebrate. It was a glorious day and all present vowed to return to our home every year thereafter for Canada Day. And amazingly, over the years, it has always happened plus or minus a few people.

Canada day week-end this year: a house full of people, relatives mostly, busy with picking strawberries (yes again), made more jam and a Canada day cake, decorated the house with balloons and flags and some body parts with little Canadian flag tattoos, lots of swimming, trampolining, street hockey, soccer games (the kids' and FIFA U20 on TV), board games, flying kites, eating, talking, drinking, doing dishes, eating again, watching the Snowbirds fly over the house(they do that every year, real cool)and finally some fireworks at Petrie island. The cool weather didn't put a damper on our mood and the occasional shower made for some gorgeous rainbows :))


Loukia said...

We went strawberry picking too, this weeekend, Christos loved it, and hubby made jars and jars of yummy jam. :) We stayed home on Canada Day and also looked at the pretty rainbow (Christos's first... he was running around saying 'bow, bow!') ... sounds like you guys had a very nice weekend!

Silver Creek Mom said...

I didn't realize you got married on July 1st! How very cool. We were' married July 31st. It sounds like you have a great party every July 1st. We love doing the fireworks in Hull.


kate5kiwis said...

It was a glorious day and all present vowed to return to our home every year thereafter for Canada Day
wow that is so cool, what a fabulous tradition!!!!!!!

DaniGirl said...

Oh my goodness, what a patriotic family with all those reasons to celebrate on Canada Day! I love reading about your huge family get-togethers. It sounds like so much fun, and so foreign to me who has only one aunt and one cousin by birth (and lots through marriage that I try to ignore!)

Anyway, happy belated day of celebrations and we hope to see you all soon!

BeachMama said...

Sounds like the perfect Canada Day! Happy Anniversary, I love that some years are extra special and others you are just reminded that you love each other. Congrats.