Sunday, July 16, 2006

in the heat of the summer

This is where we've been hanging out lately. Either as a family or with friends for BBQ/pool gettogethers. Yesterday we were 14, today 9, tomorrow 12. Busy, busy but fun, fun.

Every summer is heralded by new milestones come pooltime. Went through those stages with big sis and now again with the twins. First it was the go in the pool with babies in arms and let them experience the feel of water. Then was the summer of kids in lifevests sitting in the stairs playing with toys. Then came the summers of arm floats and bathing suits with incorporated floaties. And now we have two cuties who like to swim in the buff, no PFDs of any kind, jump off the diving board, crawl the width of the pool, dive down nine feet to the bottom of the pool to retrieve pool toys, play with snorkel and fins...real dolphins. People ask me if they've taken any swimming lessons. Just once. Spending hours on end, from morning to dusk in and out, would hone anyone's skills.

And the best part is that I don't even have to go in with them anymore if I don't want to. So I can sit back, keep an ey on them and even read a little. Now if I could only get someone to bring me a drink ;)

Stay cool!!


Silver Creek Mom said...

I find find you someone. ;)

Sounds wonderful. Nathan has decided NOT to swim anymore. After all the lessons we went through this winter he won't go in the water. Not at my sisters pool anyway. I wonder what to do with that kid.


nancy said...

Sounds wonderful. Ben is swimming like that now too, but not the other guy. So fun to watch them having fun no matter what capacity or ability.

We'll spend all day at our community pool too.


Snack Mommy said...

Way to go kiddos!!! Tristan has been OK in the water but hated getting is face wet, and managed to get through 8 wks of lessons with just the odd face dunk and his hair dry at the end of the lessons (save the classes where his teacher dunked him). the last month we went to Grandma's pool and just played. He is now jumping off the diving board and slide with water wings, and can paddle around the pool with a flutter kick like none I have ever seen! He's not in the league of your two fish, but it sure shows what good old fashioned fun can accomplish versus structure.

I am now making sure Sawyer gets lots of water on his face at bath time so I have an easier go of it with him.

I'm glad to see your summer has been as warm as ours!

mommaobrienx7 said...

My parents have a pool so we swim there almost every day. Three of my children have actually learned to swim this summer. Having a pool to swim in certainly makes the summer heat more bearable!

BeachMama said...

J finally went in this weekend!! We now have an official waterbaby!

I can think of a few hot guys that I would enjoy bringing me drinks ;)

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