Thursday, November 01, 2007

its a crazy world out there

You'll hear a news story on the radio and vaguely pay attention to it. Its normal. You live content in knowing that your world is not permeated closely by that situation.

Till it hits home.

There has been several incidents since September of prank 911 calls to local high schools with hoax threats of bombs and arms. It has created a multitude of lockdown situations. Yesterday, it happened at big sis' school. She stayed hidden behind a couch (she was in drama class) for THREE hours. Just imagine the range of emotions going through everyone's heads. Students and teachers alike. They had had drills and discussions about codes to be used in certain situations. Yesterday, they soon realized that it wasn't a drill. It was the real thing. The cops came. Went through the whole school. Checked classrooms one by one and students one by one. Ultimately, it turned out to be a hoax. Yet again, another distorted mind with nothing else better to do with their lives than seek a cheap thrill at the expense of others. Ruin a multitude of people's days. Instill unnecessary fright. Will they get caught? And if they do, what will happen to them? Protected under the young offender's act we'll never really hear much more of it. Does it make others feel like doing it too since there's no retribution after the fact?

As for big sis, she was freaked at first, naturally. She kept thinking of her siblings whom she hoped would never have to go through this (they just had received a notice that they will go through a lockdown procedures discussion next week). She was thinking of her friends in other classrooms. She was thinking of me at home and her dad at work who would worry about her. She was thinking of all the little wee ones in the daycare attached to her high school. But poor thing, she really really had to go pee and couldn't go to the washroom. So apart from her mental anguish, she was physically suffering. Plus they had all worked so hard to organize this Halloween party/dance that never ended up happening because of some lost distorted soul. A real bummer for them all.

As a mother, you always worry about your kids. Now just sending them to school, your worries are elevated to a whole new level. We hugged a lot last night and discussed this all over with her. Of course, as a mom I just want to keep them home where I know they are safe. BUT we must not let them live in fear of going places and doing things either. That is too paralyzing.

Let's pray that all our kids come home safely today and everyday.


Loukia said...

That is just horrible. I'm so annoyed with all the prank 911 calls going to the schools. Like the chief of police said... it is very scary. Because who knows if the next call will be the real deal? And who knows who is in legit need of medical help but ambulances can't make it to them on time because of stupid idiots like these teenage punks who are placing these stupid calls? Police, fire, ambulances all have to be dispatched to these schools, and others in serious need have to wait. I hate the young offenders act! We should all know these kids names so we can prank call their homes at 3 a.m. Sorry your daughter had to go through this.... very, very scary. Sigh.

BeachMama said...

My heart goes out to Big Sis. My Sister and I were discussing this just this morning. J has already had practice drills at his school and apparently one of our Elementary schools in the vicinity has already had a lockdown due to suspicious people entering the school.

I don't want to become that Mom, the one that gets paranoid, but I really don't want my kids growing up in this kind of environment. Not only that, but I don't want it to become so common that things get lax. I really truly don't know what I would do if his school had a lockdown. At this point it would probobly put me over the edge for homeschooling. Not sure.

DaniGirl said...

(I tried to comment on this earlier, but Blogger kept turfing me out!)

Poor Big Sis, and poor you worrying about it. I've been thinking, as I read those stories, how frightening it must be for the kids, and then from a completely different perspective, trying to imagine as a parent the day I hear about a lockdown at my child's school. I'm glad it was only a hoax...

Sharon said...

AMEN! I want those Prankester taught a good lesson. THERE IS NO REASON For BULLSH*T like that. It's no where near anything fun!

Hugs to you and Big sis.

kate5kiwis said...

that is awful, huge hugs to you.
thankfully it came to nothing but still... the emotions are still there and all those feelings...
love X

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