Thursday, November 15, 2007

the bulleted post

  • smiling busy SAHM trying to keep up with it all and wondering where the last 2 weeks went
  • smiling for my quick trip to Montreal to meet up with some special girlfriends and replenish my soul
  • smiling for my new found love of chocolate martinis ;)
  • smiling with my new MGW t-shirt and new scarf
  • smiling at the fun nature walk I had with SCM this week
  • smiling for the Senators hockey game we attended last week where we saw the son of very good friends stand with the hockey players on the ice during the national anthem
  • smiling for baby boy who is progressing so rapidly in his hockey skills, he's a joy to watch
  • smiling for baby girl who participated in her first Ontario Development Program for gymnasts and did great and had loads of fun
  • smiling at the fact that the twins and I have joined a ski club
  • smiling (widely) for the twins who turned 6 and had a fun and noisy b day party with all their friends and a quiet intimate celebration at home
  • smiling at the fact that I've now organized 18 birthday parties and am working on the 19th
  • smiling for big sis who spent Career Day working at the Montessori school she went to so many years ago and absolutely loved it and the kids have all been asking for her to come back
  • smiling for big sis who started working on the school's radio station
  • frowning at the amount of projects big sis has
  • smiling that I'm able to help with all these projects and that she accepts my help willingly
  • frowning that it's parent-teacher meetings for big sis again, hate those
  • frowning at the thought that I have a cardiologist appointment coming up and will be on a monitor for 24 hours
  • smiling for the great news that my friend just received: the lump in her breast is benign
  • frowning for the wait we are enduring to find out about the lump in MIL's breast
  • frowning for the results we just found out: baby girl is allergic to peanuts as well, as allergic as her brother
  • frowning at the amount of money I'm spending on epi-pens
  • smiling ate the positive results for my shoulder, nothing serious, will just need tons of physio, sigh
  • frowning at having to deal with ALL these health issues
  • smiling at the thought of the big ass 40th bday party we are going to this coming week-end
  • frowning at the fact that hubby and the twins are in Florida for the week
  • smiling knowing that they are having a good time and that the weather is good
  • smiling at having spent so much one on one time with big sis and doing girlie things together
  • smiling at the amount of organizing I've done around the house while they were gone
  • smiling looking at close to 40 picture albums I filled over the past 3 days
  • smiling knowing my babies are coming back home in 2 sleeps

Good thing there's a whole lot more to smile about than frown about/


snackmommy said...

I love your post today as it let's me catch up with you. Rather like a virtual cup of coffee! Although I still get a slight twinge behind my eyeballs when I read point number 3.

valerie said...

now I know why you were drowning in pictures - 40 albums (is that a typo?)! Wow - good for you.

Sorry about your shoulder - I know what you mean about the health issues. It's hard accepting that we just don't heal as fast as we used to!

nancy said...

You made me smile. Thank you.

kate5kiwis said...

yippee zippee, a whole weekend and chocolate martinis and a partay???
i'd be smiling too.
have a bundle of fun X

valerie said...

saw on facebook too - why are big sis' p-t interviews so bad?

DaniGirl said...

I'm with Snackmommy - what a great catch-up post, although I'm a little concerned about your cardiologist appointment - that sounds kind of scary!

What a full and busy life - makes me smile just thinking about it!!

Silver Creek Mom said...

What? Cardiogligst? should I worry? Or is it just routine?

I smile about our walk too. I soo enjoyed that afternoon.


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